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OST 4 at Wild Dog Creek - Entry Closes Tonight - Info for JT Squad

wild dog creekEntry for OST 4 at Wild Dog Creek closes tonight at midnight. 

If you have not already done so, please enter via Eventor.  Although Eventor experienced problems yesterday, you should not experience any issues today.

Please note that the Information Flyer for this event was updated yesterday and contains new information. 

The link to the event in Eventor is

Organisers David and Christine Marshall have not been well since returning from orienteering in NZ.  I am sure they would be very appreciative of any offers of help.


Information for JT Squad Members

Hello Everyone

Our next JT Squad session is 12 noon  this Sunday (7 May) on the map  'Wild Dog Creek' which is near Buckland.  Please see the Event Information Flyer link above with detailed directions. 

Note the later time - 12 noon.  This has changed from the earlier time to give you plenty of time to drive out to the map and run your courses.

During the session our coaches will be reviewing courses with everyone, talking about contours and route choices.  Kids can talk about any mistakes to learn from these.

As previously flagged, the event is the second selection trial (of three)

for the Tasmanian Schools Team.   This is optional - and certainly there is

no pressure to either try out for the team or to have a need to aspire to be in the team.  But it is something that does interest many JT Squad members (and the coaches).

I have asked the chair of the selectors what the second selection entails.

Simply - all you have to do is run your correct course (this is set out in the Information Flyer) and make sure nobody on the same course (other juniors or others) starts within 4 minutes before or after you.  The organisers on the day will make sure of this as well.

One thing to note about the Australian Schools Championships are the dates - I've only just twigged they don't line up with our school holidays but are in the last week in September (last week of Term 3). The Schools Championships are held as part of the wider Australian Championships Carnival.  Anybody can enter these other events!  Carnivals are like fun runs with classes and courses to suit all abilities - not just elites. Dates

and information are set out at .   Carnivals

make for great family holidays for any parents and siblings who'd like to participate as well (otherwise the team travels independently).

Congratulations to all our JT Squad members and coaches who participated in the Oceania Championships in New Zealand over the holidays.  It was a huge learning curve for all of you and I hope you enjoyed the experience.  It is great to see that our coaches Zoe Dowling and Rachel Allen have both been selected in the Australian Team to compete in the Junior World Orienteering Championships in Finland in a couple of months.  Exciting times for them!

See you Sunday hopefully,


PS  I'll bring along the thumb compasses for those who've not yet got one.

PSS  I'll also accept the $45 payments from those of you with 2 kids in the JT Squad and who have yet to pay