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Selection Events for Tas Schools & State Teams in 2018

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Selection Information

Every year a Tasmanian Schools Team is selected to attend the Australian Schools Orienteering Championships and the wider Australian Championships Carnival.  In 2018 this will be in SA from 29 September – 7 October.

Can I be in the Team?

If you run an “A” class at the Tas Schools Champs you’ll be competing in the 1st selection event running your correct course!

To be eligible for selection you must:

1.       Attend all 3 selection events and run your correct course.  If you are unable to attend any selection event due to exceptional circumstances, you should notify a selector by telephone or email prior to the event.

2.        Be a member of an orienteering club ($25 – but entitles you to entry fee discounts – ask how to join at an event)

3.       Attend High School

The selectors are:

·         Judy Davis  -  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

·         Bernard Walker  -  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

·         Donelda Niles  -  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

When are the Selection Events?

1.       Sunday    6  May          Fonthill  -  The Tasmanian Schools Championships

2.       Sunday    20  May        Bluff River      

3.       Sunday    1  July           Johnny Macs

You need to Pre-enter!  Go to the OT website to find out how to enter plus, when and where these events are being held. 

How many are in the Team?

In the week after the 3rd selection event, selectors will announce the 4 team members in each of these four age groups (16 people all up): 

·         Junior Boys and Junior Girls (born 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 (only if at High School))

·         Senior Boys and Senior Girls (born 2002, 2001, 2000)

Plus - Reserves may also be announced in any age group.  Reserves are a part of the Team and can race officially in the Australian Championship Events.  But while reserves get to participate in every Schools Championship event they do not do so as an official competitor.  Reserves start apart from everyone else, are not eligible to place and their results do not count towards official team scores.   Reserves cannot compete in any official schools relay teams.  We will try and place them in unofficial composite teams with reserves from other state teams. Being a reserve is an honour and a great opportunity to experience a national championship.  If prior to the Trip a team member drops out who is an official competitor, a reserve may be elevated to replacing them.  (Note - In exceptional circumstances a reserve may be required to travel with and stay with a parent.  Parents will be contacted about this possibility prior to any team announcements).

What course do I need to run at the Selection Events?

If you competed in an “A” class at the Tasmanian Schools Championships – this was your correct course.  For the next two events:

·         Course 7 – Junior Boys and Junior Girls

·         Course 4 – Senior Girls

·         Course 3 – Senior Boys

How do I get ready for Selection?

Attend Orienteering Events!  Go to the OT website to find out when and where events are being held.  In particular try and get to the Orienteering Series Tasmania Events (“OST Events”) including the Middle Distance Championships.  For all OST Events you need to pre-enter.

What does being in the Team Involve?

The Team travel and stay together.  They compete in seven events – Australian Schools Sprint, Long and Relay Championships and the wider Australian Sprint, Middle, Long and Relay Championships.  The first races are near Renmark and then the Carnival moves to the Adelaide Hills. See

The Team will be accommodated with the other State Teams with meals included. Four suitably qualified adults accompany them – all volunteers – a Manager and Assistant Manager as well as two coaches.  The focus of the Team is on development.  We aim for every team member to improve with support and coaching.

Parents and siblings - you can attend and participate.  Entry for every event is open to all - just like a fun run.  There are classes to suit all ages, skill and fitness levels.  You will need to make your own travel plans.  You may catch the same flights and catch up with the Team at events.  But you MUST respect the positions of our Team Managers and Coaches and not interfere.  This is a chance for your child to grow in independence.

What will it cost?

1.       Accommodation, food, bus, Schools Champs entries – approximately $1200 (payable about 2 weeks before the Team leaves – No Pay means No Trip).

2.       Uniform – approximately $160 for previous members & $300 for new members (payable as per above)

3.       Weekend 2 night Training Camp (7-9 September) - about $150

4.       Return airfares to Adelaide - up to $500 – you book and pay direct but we provide the flight options when the Team is announced including what flights our Managers will be on.  Flights will leave Hobart Friday 28 September (a school day – otherwise Trip is during school holidays)

5.       Entry Fees to the wider Australian Championship Events (about $120 – you enter these events direct)

What are the Expectations of being in the Team?

1.       Compliance with OT Codes of Conduct.  We require a high level of maturity and independence of team members (appropriate to age of course).  We also require Team Members to want to do your best.

2.       Attending the Weekend Training Camp on from Friday evening  7 – 9 September, Hobart

3.       Attending all OST Events from selection until the Trip

4.       Involvement in Fundraising Activities (last year this reduced costs by $270 per Team Member).  This involves helping with the BBQ/cake stall at OST Events and maybe another activity

5.       Joining the Junior Training Squad (no additional cost) and attending the JTS sessions at OST Events