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Route Gadget For Course Analysis

Route gadget is a web utility for analysing orienteering routes. Given the imminent move to a subscription fee for Livelox, OT is currently trialing route gadget as an alternative. For comments and information please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • Provides event results for all competitors including splits.
  • You can manually draw your route or load it from a GPX or TCX file
  • You can compare routes and replay routes for one or more selected competitors
  • You can classify a GPS route by speed (green fast to red slow) and show where a competitor stopped completely

To start Route Gadget:

To display & replay routes:

  • Go to the Results tab and select a course. Display the course by checking the box to the right of the course name
  • Competitors who have drawn a route will have a checkbox next to their name in the column headed with a "pen pen" icon. Clicking this checkbox will display their route.
  • Every competitor has a checkbox in the column headed with a "play play" icon. Select these to replay the competitors' races. If they have uploaded a route you will see the route replayed. If they havn't, you will see their relative position on the straight line between controls.
  • Quite a few useful options are available in the replay control box. Hover your mouse over each icon to see what it does. Important ones include being able to "mass start" competitors from any control and being able to set the "tail" length of a course replay

To load or draw your route:

  • Select the "Draw" tab
  • Choose your course and name and write any comments you wish to record.
  • If you have a GPS trace (GPX or TCX) upload it. If the map has been georegistered it should appear in the correct position. A little "world" icon appears to the right of the event name in the events tab if the map has been georeferenced. If it is not exactly aligned try "Autofit" (see below)
  • If the map has not been georegistered, please click the "Autofit" button. Changing the value in the box next to the "Autofit" button will make minor changes to the alignment if necessary. Click "Save GPS Route" route when you have finished.
  • You can also draw your route on by hand using your mouse. Make sure each successive control goes "red" as you move through them. Click "Save" when you have finished.


  • Splits are available for all competitors by clicking the red and white control icon in the top, blue menu bar
  • Change the "view" to experiment with different options for display

Settings & Help

  • Some extra settings are available by clicking the "cog" icon in the blue menu bar. Useful settings for GPS users include being able to classify a GPS route by speed (green fast to red slow) and/or show where a competitor stopped completely (+3, +6 seconds etc)
  • Competitors comments and links to a basic help file are accessed by clicking the "question mark icon" in the blue menu bar