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Route Gadget For Course Analysis

Route gadget is a web utility for drawing and comparing orienteering routes. GPS track data can be uploaded along with split times from events so participants can compare routes in a number of ways.

How can I use Route Gadget?

To start Route Gadget:
* Click on this link  Tas Orienteering Route Gadget - Route Gadget will display a list of events.
* Click the event you wish to view and the map will load onto your screen.
* If the map does not display it is likely that you do not have Java loaded on your computer. This may be downloaded free of charge from

To display routes:
* Choose a course.
* Choose a competitor who has drawn a route (there will be an * next to their name).
* Click View routes.

To draw your route:
* Click Draw your route. 
* Choose your course. 
* Choose your name. 
* Click on the Start triangle and click on the map every time you changed direction. RG will draw your route. 
* If you stood still for more than a few seconds anywhere, click the mouse three or four times at that spot. 
* Click Save route when you have finished.

To race competitors:
* Choose more than one asterisked person. 
* Click View animation. 
* Click Start – you can control the speed with the Speed + and Speed – buttons.

Route Gadget Links - Access Route Gadget sites from other clubs worldwide.
View Tas Orienteering Route Gadget
 - Available for all to see and use.
Route Gadget User Manual A necessary read for those who manage Route Gadget. 
Route Gadget UK
 Resources for Route Gadget including Administrator Info, Video Tutorials, Contacts etc.