20210411121342If you haven't already entered for the Royal George, rush on over and do so immediately here on Eventor. It's not too late! And if you're looking to make the Tasmanian Schools Team, why not drag along your whole family and make them enter too? It's better than standing around in the cold or traipsing off to Bunnings yet again for a bunch of DIY materials you'll never use. Bunnings may have sausages, but we have a whole BBQ!

According to course-setter Bernard 'Big B' Walker, 'Royal George is a mix of complex rock, fast open running and detailed mining' and 'You should expect a classic long-distance event with at least one long leg on every course.' 

Rather conveniently for him, Big B has now left the state, so any complaints should be directed to OT Director or Performance, who also happens to be event controller. She will deflect blame and direct you to (depending on your gender) the upcoming Women's Training Weekend, or a couple of YouTube videos, so you don't made the same mistake(s) again. 

Details about courses and age classes that must be run to qualify for Tasmanian Schools Team selection are available here. Please check this out before entering. Note that all schools team aspirants will have an ALLOCATED START TIME. This will be sent to you as soon as practicable after entries close.

Those who are not trying out for the schools team are free to choose whichever course they think is most suitable for their skill and fitness level. Eight courses are available, from Course 8 (easy navigation, shortest distance) to Course 1 (hard navigation, longest distance).

NOTE: Non-schools team aspirants who wish to run Course 6, 4 or 3 will not be able to start until at least 10 minutes after the last schools entrant. You will be advised of the earliest start time for your course as soon as practicable after entries close.