st-Helens-graniteEscape to the sun in July!                                                           

If you’re interested in four days of fun with high quality orienteering in Queensland’s amazing granite terrain, then this training camp is for you. The camp will help junior athletes learn and develop their orienteering skills for the 2021 Australian Champs, 2022 Australian 3 Days (Easter) and even the 2022 Junior World Orienteering Championships (JWOC) in Portugal. The camp is aimed at juniors from 13 to 20 years of age who are capable of taking part in moderate-to-hard navigation exercises. Senior athletes, orienteering coaches, or coaches to be, and parents/guardians are welcome to attend the camp, participating or assisting with activities or coaching.


Depending on interest and numbers, we will hire either a minivan or one or two cars. Interest from parents who can drive is welcomed. It won’t all be chauffeur duties - parents and guardians are welcome to participate in or assist with the activities. Either Cathy or Jon McComb will be travelling, depending how the coin falls.

Rough Itinerary

The very rough itinerary is:

Wednesday 7 July: fly to Brisbane (10:20am departure looks good) optional sprint training in Brisbane (TBC)

Thursday: sprint training in UQ Ipswich + travel to Stanthorpe

Friday: Stanthorpe, 2 x forest trainings

Saturday: Stanthorpe, 2 x forest trainings

Sunday: Camp champs in Stanthorpe + travel to Gold Cost

Monday 12 July: Possible morning visit to Gold Coast theme park, flying out Monday afternoon, arriving Hobart 9:05pm.

Indicative Costs

Flights: $400+

Car Hire: $60

Fuel: $20

Accommodation: $150 (to be confirmed)

Theme Park (optional): $99

Very Approximate Total: $750

PLEASE NOTE: A subsidy will be available to cover some or all of the costs of accommodation and ground transport for the camp only. Further details will be made available once final numbers are confirmed. 

Contact by Monday 3 May! 

Contact the State Coaching Coordinator, Jon McComb to register your interest, or if you would like more details.


Phone: 0402 819 727

For more camp information, click here.