16211213011265753545217087421799240007521420oGlorious weather greeted over 120 students from schools across the North and North West on Friday 19th March. Students entered from over 12 different schools with large contingents from Prospect High School, Launceston Church Grammar and Australian Christian College. They were joined this year by a very new group from Rosebery High School for the senior races.  Additionally, there were representatives from Reese High School, Scotch Oakburn College, Forth Primary, East Launceston, West Launceston, Youngtown, Riverside and Trevallyn Primary Schools. 

Launceston Church Grammar School were clear winners for the senior trophy, followed by Prospect High School and the Australian Christian College.  The junior division was comfortably won by Youngtown Primary School, with the Australian Christian College second and East Launceston Primary third. 

Whilst the competition is divided into age classes the official male and female winners of each course overall were:

Course 1 - Riley Kerr (Prospect High) and Sophie Best (LCGS)

Course 2 - Euan Best and Ilanna McDougall (LCGS)

Course 3 - Zac Buchanan/Zach Stephens and Laura Scott/Anjana Kumar (LCGS)

Course 4 - Henry Marston/Griffin Poke (Prospect High) and Lucy Stone (Youngtown Primary)

Course 5 - Harry Culhane (East Launceston Primary) and Edie Bridgman/Isabel McInerney (Trevallyn Primary). 

Congratulations to all those who participated.