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Training Resources

A selection of resources to help you become a better orienteer.

DIY Public Course Orienteering Kits - A public course is a public area, usually suburban parkland, on which permanent controls have been placed in strategic locations.

Orienteering Symbols Quiz - Test your knowledge of the IOF symbols used in orienteering.  This site is provided by the Octavian Droobers Orienteering Club in England.  The site has a number of quizzes and crosswords for orienteers to try out.

Webroute - Test your route choice against others. This is a very simple tool to let people draw their route from a training or a competition online. Lots of options to draw how you would go on maps from around the world.

O Training.Net - A major online resource for orienteering technical training. Lots of very useful tips to improve your orienteering.

Systematic Orienteering - An approach to using goals, strategy and realisation as a systematic approach to successful orienteering.

Orienteering Australia Online Videos Repository - Orienteering Australia's Selection of web based videos. Lots of links to all sorts of very useful stuff.