Renewing 2018 Membership in Eventor

How to Renew Membership in Eventor

Eventor uses your previous year’s membership details to create your renewal form for the next year.

If you had family membership the previous year, Eventor will prompt you to renew your family membership and all members of the family can be renewed as a batch that requires a single payment in PayPal. 

If you had individual membership in the previous year you can renew your own membership and can optionally include family or other members of your club in a single payment in PayPal. 

The basic process is:

  • Go to the Australian Eventor Site:

  • Login and then select My pages > My memberships

  • Click on the ‘renew’ link and check your membership and personal info is correct

  • Select and add another person from your club if you want to include them in the renewal

  • Select ‘Next’ on the bottom of the screen, then ‘Save’, then ‘Go to payment page in PayPal

  • Complete the payment in PayPal and then check your receipt and memberships

If you want to renew the membership of another club member without renewing your own, in the 3rd step above click ‘Manage memberships for another person’ instead of the ‘renew’ link.

Renewing Membership Guides

If you are an existing member who wishes to renew your membership, pictorial guides are available below to assist you.  Download the guide you require to step you through renewing individual or family membership.



Registering New Members Guide

To become a member you need to first register in Eventor.  If you are not already registered, the guide below will take you through creating a Username/Password and then applying for membership.


Need Help

If you need further assistance please email the Eventor administrator, email webmaster  If required Ian will arrange a time to talk you through the process.