2017 Events

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DayDate         EventTypeOrganising club
Saturday24-Jun-17Northern Saturday Winter Series - Event 4Esk Valley
Sunday25-Jun-17Stag's Head - OST 7Wellington Ranges
Saturday01-Jul-17Rosny Hill - Southern Saturday afternoon series - Event 4Australopers
Saturday01-Jul-17Northern Saturday Winter Series - Event 5Esk Valley
Saturday08-Jul-17Edward St Glebe - Southern Saturday afternoon series - Event 5Australopers
Sunday16-Jul-17Risdon Brook - Southern Sunday localWellington Ranges
Sunday23-Jul-17Johnny Mac - OST 8Australopers
Sunday30-Jul-17Mt Nelson - Southern Sunday LocalAustralopers
Sunday30-Jul-17Arboretum - NW localPathfinders
Sunday06-Aug-17Five Mile Beach - Southern Sunday localAustralopers
Saturday12-Aug-17Devonport area - Double Sprint OST 9Pathfinders
Sunday13-Aug-17Glen Stuart - Northern Classic Badge Event OST 10Esk Valley
Sunday20-Aug-17Waterworks - Southern Sunday localAustralopers
Saturday26-Aug-17St Virgils - Tas Sprint Distance Championships OST 11Australopers
Sunday27-Aug-17Pittwater - Southern Regional Championships - Badge & OST 12Australopers
Saturday02-Sep-17Hobart area - Night-OAustralopers
Sunday03-Sep-17Peter Murrell Reserve - Southern Sunday localAustralopers
Sunday03-Sep-17Burnie Park - NW localPathfinders
Saturday09-Sep-17Uplands - Tas Long Distance Championships - Badge OST 13Esk Valley
Sunday10-Sep-17Uplands - Tas Relay Championships or Team EventEsk Valley
Sunday17-Sep-17Coningham - Southern Sunday localAustralopers
Sunday08-Oct-17Buttons Beach - NW localPathfinders
Sunday15-Oct-17Kellevie - Southern Sunday localAustralopers
Wednesday25-Oct-17Southern Spring Schools/Twilight series 1Australopers
Sunday29-Oct-17Rokeby Hills - Southern Sunday localWellington Ranges
Wednesday01-Nov-17Southern Spring Schools/Twilight series 2Australopers
Wednesday08-Nov-17Southern Spring Schools/Twilight series 3Australopers
Sunday12-Nov-17Geilston Gully - Southern Sunday localAustralopers
Wednesday15-Nov-17Southern Spring Schools/Twilight series 4Australopers
Wednesday22-Nov-17Southern Spring Schools/Twilight series 5Australopers
Wednesday29-Nov-17Southern Spring Schools/Twilight series 6Australopers
Sunday03-Dec-17Hobart area - Christmas EventWellington Ranges
Wednesday06-Dec-17Southern Spring Schools/Twilight series 7Australopers