Orienteering Series Tasmania (OST)

  • A state-wide series of about 12 events normally held on a Sunday throughout the year and in areas that provide a more interesting navigational challenge.
  • Events in the latter part of the year include the Northern and Southern Regional Championships and each of the Tasmanian Long, Middle Distance and Sprint Championships.
  • Usually at least four of these events are designated as Badge Events.
  • Newcomers and occasional orienteers welcome at all events.
  • 9 courses are offered; 6 with hard navigation, 1 with moderate navigation, 2 with easy navigation.
  • Generally start times are between 10.00 am and 12.00 midday.
  • Pre-entry is often required and pre-printed maps are always used.
  • To accumulate points towards Individual Excellence, competitors must enter their age-appropriate course or a more challenging course.

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About OST Points

  • Only financial full members of OT clubs are eligible to score points in series competitions.
  • Only courses 1 to 7 (hard or moderate navigation) shall be awarded points.
  • Points gained on different courses cannot be aggregated.
  • Place points : Five points are awarded to the first finisher in each class, four to the second, and so on down to one point for the fifth and all subsequent finishers.
  • Time points : Five points are awarded if finishing within 5% of the winner’s time, 4 points if within 10%, 3 points if within 15% and one point for longer times.
  • Place and Time points are added to obtain Total points for each competitor
  • No points are awarded to competitors who run as a group, mis-punch, retire or enter unofficially (in a course outside those permitted for their age group).

(See the Event Series And Types Guidelines for more information)

About Excellence Points

Points are calculated using a ‘handicap’ system, which calculates adjusted ‘minutes per km’ rates based on age and gender. The 25 fastest adjusted km rates for an entire event will be awarded points, with the fastest getting 25 points and the 25th fastest 1 point. Calculation of adjusted km rate is based on the following formula:

Adjusted km rate = Course time taken / Course distance (without climb) * ‘age factor’.

For all events the age class used is the true age-based class for the individual competitor and not the age class of the course entered. For example a 61-year old runner entering a M21 class will have the M60 age factor applied, not the M21 factor.

Only A classes at full distance qualify for Excellence points.

The points for each individual orienteer are calculated on their best 9 of 13 events in the OST series.  The individual orienteer scoring the most points for the year, is awarded the John Brammall Trophy for Individual Excellence.