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Waimea, Fahan & Andrews Creek - Sporting Schools Activities

Sporting SChools Waimea 450x312Waimea Heights Primary School, Hobart  -  Last week we completed the second week of a four-week program for all students in grades 3 to 6.  We must be doing something right!  It's the fourth year we've delivered orienteering at this school.  Coaches last week were Joe Dickinson, Johann Burgess and Mike Calder.  The kids were so enthused they returned at recess to continue playing on the grid – see the photo.  Upon completion of the program we'll be running an event for parents, kids and other members of the school community.


Fahan School, Hobart  -  We've also been here before.  This week we commenced a four-week program with the Grade 2s.  Teaching orienteering to kids this young is a challenge as they are not really ready to read maps, but we modify the course appropriately.  Coaches were Jane Calder and Johann Burgess


Andrews Creek Primary School, Devonport  -  This is a new school for us.  Paul Pacque recently created two excellent maps and this week Jo and Rod Bissett will commence teaching a three-week course here.


Visiting More Schools  -  To find out whether we can visit your child's school contact our Sporting Schools Administrator Jane Calder