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Do I get points for this?

day1 spec

Yes! Your wait is over - here are the Tasmanian championship points that your runs earned over the Easter carnival. Day 1,2 and 3 of Easter were also OST3, 4 and 5. Bay of Fires Day3 was also OST6. So you might be sitting on a pile of new points. Rush to Latest OST Points (summary) and Latest Excellence Points (summary) to find out.

Before you call your lawyers, missing points may be due to non-matching classes between Easter and our normal OST events. For example, we give you Excellence points for Elite classes but can't translate them to OST class points.

Many Tasmanians missed competing during Easter because they were organising instead. To allow for this, the competition this year will be best 10 out of 14 OST events. Good luck.