What is the Recovery Romp?

It is a series of 4 events around the Hobart area. Participants are required to respect the current restrictions on social distancing. You use the courses by yourself or in small groups, in your own time, over a period of 4 weeks, from June 15 until July 12. You may wish to record your times on this spreadsheet upon completion.

Each event consists of 3 courses – Long, Medium and Short. The control locations are marked by ribbons, which you should pass by within a metre or two without touching. Some of the courses are quite difficult, so if you are a beginner you may wish to try one of our permanent courses first.

Course Locations

Knocklofty North

This is a chance to explore the Mt Stuart end of Knocklofty Reserve. Park at the top of Mt Stuart Rd and walk about 250m up to the start at the sign titled “Knocklofty…a wildlife haven”.

Waverley Park

Explore the tracks and bushland of Waverley Park, renowned for its native plants. Park near the corner of Quarry Rd and Carawa St and walk about 100m up to the start at the junction of two tracks.

Tolosa Park

Your chance to explore the bushland and hills behind Glenorchy. Park at the end of Tolosa St, walk inside the gate and turn right. The START and FINISH marker plates are on the fence next to the brown container.

Pittwater Dunes (Available Now!)

Once again we venture into our favourite (and hardest) orienteering area. The pine forest and sand dunes behind 7 Mile Beach are beautiful – and bewildering. Park in the carpark at the eastern end of Surf Rd.

How to Obtain the Courses

The course files are free to download after completing the following short survey. Upon completing the survey you will be emailed a download link and be subscribed to Orienteering Tasmania's weekly newsletter. The newsletter contains useful information about orienteering generally and upcoming events. If you wish to unsubscribe from the newsletter there is an Unsubscribe link available.

IF you dont receive an email with your download link please see the following guide - Fixing Email Delivery Issues

The email with a download link can take up to ten minutes to arrive so please be patient! Check your spam folder if it does not arrive.
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These orienteering courses are on land under the control of various state or local government bodies. All advisory signs in the area, and instructions by responsible staff, must be obeyed. Possession of the maps does not confer any special rights. When you download the course maps you acknowledge that you recognise that the sport of orienteering has certain inherent risks due to its conduct in an outside environment. Included in these risks are injury due to the possibility of rough ground and obstacles and the potential effects of heat, cold and exhaustion. You must also be aware there is no personal accident insurance to cover your participation in the sport and that you take part at your own risk.
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