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Latest news

July 05, 2021


Over 100 orienteers took part in the 6th OST event for the season at Lovelybanks. Taking advantage of the complex sandstone terrain, course setter Mike Calder took competitors to a little-used area of the map, with a long walk to the start (pictured) and finish across windswept paddocks. Fortunately, courses took place on the sheltered side of the hills, where milder conditions prevailed. Stand-out performances on the day included Jeff Dunn’s convincing win on Course 3, six minutes ahead of Bernard Walker in 2nd place; while Cathy McComb continued her domination of the women’s race with a comfortable win over Liz Canning. On Course 2, Anthony Stoner claimed a rare victory over son Niko, who…
June 29, 2021

Show Your Whistles at Lovelybanks!

At the OST6 event at Lovelybanks this weekend we will be having a whistle check. At the start you will be be required to show your whistle to the starter. We will have some available at registration, but if you wish to purchase one beforehand, most bushwalking shops sell them for a few dollars. Note that this weekend we access the eastern end of the Lovelybanks property by a new route: via Beards Rd which joins Lovelybanks Rd only 2.7km from Mud Walls Rd. Entries close at midnight on Wednesday.
June 19, 2021

OST 5 at Campania Postponed until Sunday 16th October

This weekend’s statewide Orienteering event at Campania was to be held on the eastern section of the map. This involved 5 taped creek crossings which were dry when this area was used previously, and had only a trickle in them 3 weeks ago. Following 2 weekends of easterly weather and very heavy downfalls over Brown Mountain this Thursday, both creeks are in full flood and showing little sign of sufficiently abating by Sunday. On a reconnaissance today (late Friday) it was totally impossible for us to safely cross anywhere to put out controls. Accordingly, as event controller, Jan deemed all creek crossings a serious safety risk and we have reluctantly had to call off the event for this…
June 12, 2021

Tasmanian Schools Team announced

Following three rounds of challenging selection races, a 20-person team has been selected to compete at the Australian Schools Championships in September at St Helens. The Tasmanian Schools Team is: Junior Girls - Katie Clauson, Ilanna McDougal, Liana Stubbs Junior Boys - Euan Best, Marcus Deganaar, Alejandro Fisher, Hugh Giblin, Hudson Hughes, Eddie Stoner Senior Girls - Sophie Best, Zali McComb, Tara Powell, Julia Powell-Davies Senior Boys - Thomas Garde, Riley Kerr, Jett McComb, Ben Poortenaar, Niko Stoner, Will Whittington, Jack Whickham Congratulations to all the athletes selected.
June 07, 2021

Women's weekend

33 smiling faces attest to the success of the 2021 Women's Weekend held from 4th - 6th June at St Helens. Look out for for some stunning performances from the participants next weekend at the Sprint Extravaganza, as they put into practice what they have learnt!

All events require participants to use the Check in TAS app.

Please note that pre-entry and payment online is required. In order to enter online you first need to register as a Casual or Club member of Orienteering Tasmania.

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