Course 1


4.0km 0m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Joseph Dickinson EVT M16 17:50
2nd Oskar Bucirde   M16 19:18
3rd Matthew Patten     19:45
4th Ben Israel     20:21
5th Ken McLean     21:25
6th Corey Bowerman EVT M18 22:51
7th Paul Pacque EVT M55 23:11
8th Robbie Parker     23:54
9th Luke Nichols EVT M18 24:26
10th James Roberts     24:32
11th Christine Brown     27:04
12th Matthew Pearce   M16 33:14
13th Valerie Brammall EVT W70 42:46
m7 Jed Fleming EVT M14 22:04

Course 2


3.2km 0m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Jordan Smith     23:02
2nd Elliott Adams     23:44
3rd Jonathan Trimble     25:38
4th Will Fleming EVT M10 27:29
5th Campbell Richardson     28:18
6th Giovanni Young     28:20
7th Lauryn Cooper and Eva Peck     28:21
8th Guy Chillcott and Lachlan Nation     28:49
9th Donelda Niles     32:11
10th Isabel Watson     33:38
11th Ken Saunders EVT M65 33:52
12th Brodie Gee     35:14
13th Ron Briggs EVT M65 38:31
14th Nathaniel Nguyen     39:54
15th Sussan Best EVT W35 42:26
16th John Edwards     52:03
17th James Taylor     55:07
18th Patrick Macken     55:08
19th Lucy Bell and Lucinda Morrow     56:22
w9 Mel Harris     38:49
m11-13 Danielle Freak     48:17
m11-13 Mercy Bawi Tha Khun     48:17

Course 3


1.8km 0m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Eliott Adams     10:44
2nd Ashley Bowerman     20:58
3rd Zayden Deegan     25:19



3.225km 0m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Kathryn Fleming EVT W45 37:01
2nd Tony Westbrook     59:27