It is with great pleasure that I submit my report for Australopers Orienteering Club for the calendar year 2019.  This has been another very enjoyable and successful year for the club and I might add, a very busy one.

I believe the highlight of the year has been the welcoming into the club of almost all members of the former Wellington Ranges club.  We have welcomed these members into Australopers and have been pleased to see them both competing in events and assisting in the organising of events.  

At the end of 2019 we had 236 financial members which makes us Australia’s second largest Orienteering club.  As a club we organised 41 events throughout the year, which is a huge number given some mainland clubs are rostered to do 4 or 5 events each year.  This was made up of 15 Twilight events, 13 local events, 5 Saturday series events and 8 statewide events.

Some highlights of 2019 were:

  • We welcomed new members from WROC
  • We started the year with Coach in Residence, Christoph Prunsche
  • We saw the successful development of our new logo
  • We undertook for design and delivery of new club running tops and jackets.
  • We arranged design and delivery of new club, START and FINISH banners.
  • Negotiations took place with HCC regarding a new storage shed to become operational in early 2020
  • 31 club members participated in Easter in WA
  • 60 club members participated in the Aus Champs and Oceania carnival around Wagga Wagga.
  • We remain financially sound.


Our Treasurer Julian Roscoe will table the club’s financial report for the year separately.  In summary, however, we are in an excellent financial position with solid cash reserves.

Club Meetings

We held 10 club meetings during the year, all of which were well attended.  We have continued the practice of having a guest speaker or subject to follow general business and continued to hold meetings at different members’ homes. This year a monthly President’s newsletter was commenced to keep members informed of club activities and to circulate photos taken at events.

Office Bearers

President: Bert Elson
Immediate Past President: Sally Wayte
Secretary: Robyn Chapman
Treasurer: Julian Roscoe
Equipment: Martin Bicevskis and Jeff Dunn
Social: Kim Enkelaar
Selectors: Gayle West and Karen Wild-Allen
Membership: Bert Elson
Volunteer Co-ordinator: Jan Hardy / Miriam Palmer
Event Advisor: Sally Wayte
Twilight Series Organisers: Mike and Jane Calder
Results Processing: Jeff Dunn

Other Personnel

In addition to the office bearers I have many to thank. 

Firstly, all our volunteers who have run events and assisted at events.
Mike and Jane for co-ordinating the Twilight Series.
Those members who have welcomed us into their homes for club meetings.
Wendy Andrewartha for the use of her garage for equipment storage
Cathy McComb and Clare Hawthorne for their efforts in logo design and managing the ordering and distribution of new uniforms.
Jon McComb and other coaching volunteers.
The Cooper family for great catering at events.
Ian Rathbone for improvements to Eventor
Greg Hawthorne for Ocad, Sportident and Condes liaison.
Martin Bicevskis and Jeff Dunn for always being on hand in or near the trailer to keep SI Timing working
Liz Butler for looking after uniforms
And any others I may have overlooked.

The Year Ahead

2020 will be another big year for Australopers.  Tasmania is hosting the Australian Orienteering Championships in September and this will involve input from many Australopers members not only during the carnival but also in the time leading up to the carnival. 

All being well we will take possession of our new equipment store at the Regatta Grounds. 

I wish the incoming Committee all the best for the coming year.

Bert Elson,   President, Australopers Orienteering Club 2019