January 2001

Wed 10 th Event Southern Summer Series 1
Wed 17 th Event Southern Summer Series 2
Wed 24th Event Southern Summer Series 3
Wed 31st Event Southern Summer Series 3

February 2001

Wed 7th Event Sout
Wed 14th Event Sout
Wed 21st Event North
  Event South
Wed 28th Event Nor
  Event Sou

March 2001

1 st Event S
4 th Event N
  Event S
7 th Event N
8 th Event E
10 th Event N
11 th Event T
14th Event E
  Event N
15th Event E
18th Event S
21st Event N
  Event S
22 nd Event S
25 th Event N
  Event S
28 th Event N
  Event S

April 2001

1st Event So
  Event N
  Event A
4th Event N
6th Event T
8th Event Sp
22nd Event C
  Event E
29th Event C

May 2001

6th Event So
13th Event N
  Event NW
  Event N L
27th Event TO
  Event TO

June 2001

3rd Event N
  Event Ni
10th Event T
11th Event T
  Event TO
17th Event TO
24th Event T

July 2001

1st Event No
8th Event TO
15th Event T
  Event TO
22nd Event TO

August 2001

5th Event State
  Event Sout
11th Event Nort
12th Event Sou
19th Event Sout
26th Event Nort
  Event Stat

September 2001

9th Event mm
16th Event mm
22 nd Event mm
  Event mm
  Event mm
23rd Event mm
  Event mm
  Event mm
30th Event mm
  Event mm

October 2001

14th Event nn
17th Event north
  Event south
24th Event north
  Event south
31st Event north
  Event south

November 2001

Sun 4th The Lea Southern Local
Wed 7th Natone Hill Southern Schools
Wed 7th Trevallyn Northern Schools
Wed 14th Waverley Park Southern Schools
Wed 14th Trevallyn Northern Schools
Sun 18th Tree Garden North Western
Wed 21th Domain Southern Schools
Wed 21th Trevallyn Northern Schools
Sun 25th Conningham XMAS Southern Local
Sun 25th Trevallyn Northern Local