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Entrants who were entered as 'non-competitive' are not included in these results as these are the official results.


DayDateEvent NameEvent TypeResults
Sunday11-Dec-16Kellevie MTBOMountain bike orienteeringresults
Sunday11-Dec-16Kellevie Foot OFoot orienteeringresults
Wednesday07-Dec-16The Domain - Southern Spring Schools/Twilight Series 8Park and street orienteeringresults
Sunday04-Dec-16Coningham - Southern Sunday Local Foot orienteeringresults
Wednesday30-Nov-16Mt Nelson - Southern Spring Schools/Twilight Series 7Park and street orienteeringresults
Sunday27-Nov-16Five Mile Beach - Christmas eventFoot orienteeringresults
Wednesday23-Nov-16Knocklofty - Southern Spring Schools/Twilight Series 6Park and street orienteeringresults
Wednesday23-Nov-16Windsor precinct - Northern Twilight Spring series 6Park and street orienteeringresults
Sunday20-Nov-16Romaine Reserve, Upper Burnie - North West local 8Foot orienteeringresults
Wednesday16-Nov-16Cornelian Bay - Southern Spring Schools/Twilight Series 5Park and street orienteeringresults
Wednesday16-Nov-16Heritage Forest - Northern Twilight Spring series 5Park and street orienteeringresults
Wednesday09-Nov-16Risdon Brook Dam - Southern Spring Schools/Twilight Series 4Park and street orienteeringresults
Wednesday09-Nov-16Cataract Gorge - Northern Spring Twilight series 4Park and street orienteeringresults
Wednesday02-Nov-16UTAS Mowbray - Northern Spring Twilight series 3Park and street orienteeringresults
Wednesday02-Nov-16Gordons Hill - Southern Spring Schools/Twilight Series 3Park and street orienteeringresults
Sunday30-Oct-16Geilston Bay - Southern Sunday localFoot orienteeringresults
Wednesday26-Oct-16Kate Reed - Northern Twilight Spring series 2Park and street orienteeringresults
Wednesday26-Oct-16Taroona - Southern Spring Schools/Twilight Series 2Park and street orienteeringresults
Wednesday19-Oct-16Youngtown - Northern Twilight Spring series 1Park and street orienteeringresults
Wednesday19-Oct-16Sandown Park - Southern Spring Schools/Twilight Series 1Park and street orienteeringresults
Sunday16-Oct-16Five Mile Beach Southern Sunday LocalFoot orienteeringresults
Sunday16-Oct-16Buttons Beach - North West local 7Foot orienteeringresults
Sunday11-Sep-16Coles Bay - Tasmanian Long Championship - Badge Event OST 13Foot orienteeringresults
Sunday04-Sep-16Redbanks - Nugent - Southern Sunday LocalFoot orienteeringresults
Saturday03-Sep-16Night-O Peter Murrell Reserve KingstonPark and street orienteeringresults
Friday02-Sep-16Junior Orienteering Training CampFoot orienteering
Sunday28-Aug-16Pittwater - Southern Regional Championships - badge event - OST 12Foot orienteeringresults
Sunday14-Aug-16Rajah Rocks Avoca - OST 11Foot orienteeringresults
Sunday07-Aug-16Waterworks - Southern Sunday LocalFoot orienteeringresults
Sunday31-Jul-16Tiagarra - North West local 5Foot orienteeringresults
Sunday24-Jul-16St Johns Park - Tasmanian Sprint Championships - OST 10Foot orienteeringresults
Saturday23-Jul-16Tasmanian Relay ChampionshipsFoot orienteering
Sunday17-Jul-16Peter Murrell Reserve - Southern Sunday LocalFoot orienteeringresults
Sunday03-Jul-16Risdon Brook - Southern Sunday localFoot orienteeringresults
Sunday26-Jun-16Lieemunetta - Dysart - OST 9Foot orienteeringresults
Saturday18-Jun-16Mt Nelson - Southern Saturday Afternoon Series 7Foot orienteeringresults
Saturday18-Jun-16Trevallyn - Saturday series 4Park and street orienteeringresults
Monday13-Jun-16Stephensdale, Riverside - Long Distance - OST 8Foot orienteeringresults
Sunday12-Jun-16Romaine Park, Burnie - Sprint 2Foot orienteeringresults
Sunday12-Jun-16Shorewell Park, Burnie - Sprint 1Foot orienteeringresults
Saturday11-Jun-16Don Reserve, Devonport - Long Distance - OST 7Foot orienteeringresults
Saturday04-Jun-16Natone Hill - Southern Saturday Afternoon Series 6Foot orienteeringresults
Saturday04-Jun-16Trevallyn - Saturday series 3Park and street orienteeringresults
Sunday29-May-16NOL Round 4, Race 12 (WRE), St Helens, TasmaniaFoot orienteeringresults
Sunday29-May-16Transit Flat, St Helens - Long Distance - OST6Foot orienteeringresults
Saturday28-May-16NOL Round 4, Race 11, St Helens, TasmaniaFoot orienteeringresults
Saturday28-May-16Golden Fleece, St Helens - Tas Middle Distance Champs - OST 5Foot orienteeringresults
Saturday21-May-16Montagu Bay - Southern Saturday Afternoon Series 5Foot orienteeringresults
Saturday21-May-16Trevallyn - Saturday series 2Park and street orienteeringresults
Saturday14-May-16Waverley Park - Southern Saturday Afternoon Series 4Foot orienteeringresults
Wednesday11-May-16Bellerive - World Orienteering Day Night SpectacularPark and street orienteeringresults
Sunday08-May-16Buttons Beach - North West local 4Foot orienteeringresults
Saturday07-May-16UTAS Sandy Bay - Southern Saturday Afternoon Series 3Foot orienteeringresults
Saturday07-May-16Trevallyn - Saturday series 1Park and street orienteeringresults
Sunday01-May-16Springvale, Campania - OST 4Foot orienteeringresults
Sunday24-Apr-16Burnie Park (Sprint) - North West local 3Foot orienteeringresults
Saturday23-Apr-16Fahan School - Southern Saturday Afternoon Series 2Foot orienteeringresults
Saturday16-Apr-16Battery Point - Southern Saturday Afternoon Series 1Foot orienteeringresults
Sunday10-Apr-16Rokeby Hills - Southern Sunday localFoot orienteeringresults
Sunday03-Apr-16Royal George - OST 3Foot orienteeringresults
Sunday20-Mar-16Glen Stuart, Evendale - All Schools ChampionshipsFoot orienteeringresults
Friday18-Mar-16Trevallyn - Northern Schools ChampionshipsFoot orienteeringresults
Wednesday16-Mar-16Waterworks - Southern Schools Championships and S Twilight 6Park and street orienteeringresults
Saturday12-Mar-16East Coast 3 DaysFoot orienteeringresults
Wednesday09-Mar-16UTAS Mowbray - Northern Autumn Twilight series 5Park and street orienteeringresults
Wednesday09-Mar-16Botanic Gardens - Southern Autumn Twilight Series 5Park and street orienteeringresults
Sunday06-Mar-16Arboretum - North West local 2Foot orienteeringresults
Wednesday02-Mar-16Cataract Gorge - Northern Autumn Twilight series 4Park and street orienteeringresults
Wednesday02-Mar-16Peter Murrell Reserve - Southern Autumn Twilight Series 4Park and street orienteeringresults
Sunday28-Feb-16Seven Mile Beach Local Event Foot orienteeringresults
Wednesday24-Feb-16Churchill Park - Northern Autumn Twilight series 3Park and street orienteeringresults
Wednesday24-Feb-16Bellerive - Southern Autumn Twilight Series 3Park and street orienteeringresults
Sunday21-Feb-16Buttons Beach Ulverstone - North West local 1Foot orienteeringresults
Wednesday17-Feb-16Windsor Precinct - Northern Autumn Twilight series 2Park and street orienteeringresults
Wednesday17-Feb-16Lower Domain - Southern Twilight Series 2Park and street orienteeringresults
Saturday13-Feb-16Pittwater Team EventFoot orienteeringresults
Saturday13-Feb-16Wentworth Park Howrah Beverage RelayPark and street orienteeringresults
Friday12-Feb-16Bellerive Fort Sprint RelayPark and street orienteeringresults
Wednesday10-Feb-16Lambert Park - Southern Autumn Twilight Series 1Park and street orienteeringresults
Wednesday10-Feb-16Royal Park - Northern Autumn Twilight series 1Park and street orienteeringresults


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